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Digital Onboarding

Use-case Overview

Regulatory compliance and user experience going hand-in-hand.

Financial institutions and fintechs subject to compliance requirements have complex onboarding needs, the say the least. While fraud prevention is critical, users now expect amazing digital experiences with minimal friction. Asking them to scan ID cards, download an app, or upload utility bills kills the customer experience and simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Flinks’ data tools let you validate your clients’ identity seamlessly so they can start using your product faster. A quick and secure process integrated within your product allows users to authenticate their bank account. By leveraging their account as a source of information, you meet your compliance requirements, maximize risk mitigation and minimize operational costs.

Conduct identity verification

The personal information you receive from Flinks API is the same that's registered in the financial institution's side.

All personal information related will be contained inside Holder:

"Holder": {
    "Name": "John Doe",
    "Address": {
        "CivicAddress": "1275 avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal",
    "City": "Montréal",
    "Province": "QC",
    "PostalCode": "H3B 5E8",
    "POBox": null,
    "Country": "CA"
    "Email": "[email protected]",
    "PhoneNumber": "(514) 333-7777"

Best Practices

Flinks doesn't change or manipulate data, which means that details such as accentuation or capitalization, for example, can vary depending on the bank. While comparing data received through Flinks with other sources, it's recommended for these details be taken into account.


All data presented to you are in the same format as the financial institutions have it. Formats, language and punctuation may vary.

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Digital Onboarding

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